On Tuesday, April 2, at 5 p.m. in the Meditation Chapel at the Trinity University Chapel, Dr. Nate Stucky will give the 23-24 Willson Lecture on “Faith and an Exhausted World,” examining the intersections of ecology, theology, and rest. Dr. Stucky is the Director of The Farminary Project at Princeton Seminary and the author of Wrestling with Rest

Lecture Description:

Creation (including humans) suffers pervasive exhaustion. Waterways are polluted. Mountains are stripped. Coral reefs are dying. Wildfires burn. And humans just keep going and going and going. Our exhausting legacy grows as creation groans. At some point, we must ask: Is exhaustion God’s will for the world? If not, then what? Does it matter that people of faith profess to worship a God who rests? Might people of faith be known one day for their familiarity with rest, renewal, and regeneration? This lecture will wrestle with these questions in the hopes that faith may still thrive, even in our exhausted world.

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