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Office of Inclusive Excellence Student Leaders Organize Lotería Game Night March 8th 

When presented with an opportunity to organize events through the Office of Inclusive Excellence, Mexico, the Americas, and Spain (MAS) Program, the Trinity University Latino Association, and the Latinx Leadership Initiative, Trinity University first year students Kaleigh M. Cansino and M. Nayeli Alemán have led the efforts to host three events throughout the Spring 2023 semester. The first of these events will be a Lotería Game Night on Wednesday, March 8 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Fiesta Room. The inspiration for this event stemmed from both Cansino and Alemán’s memories of playing Lotería amongst their family and knowing the community that can be built by playing this game. Due to the significance Lotería had played in their lives, Cansino and Alemán aim to connect staff and faculty to students at Trinity through some friendly competition. This event will allow three groups that rarely get together—students, staff, and faculty—to spend some time with one another and build meaningful relationships.

Invented in 1769, Lotería was at first a popular game between members of the upper-class México, but over the centuries it has become highly common within the Mexican-American community. Famous for its format of sixteen tiled cards that illustrate significant elements and caricatures of Mexican culture such as “La Dama”, “La Sirena”, and “El Corazón”, the game has been greatly referenced as “Mexican Bingo”. Lotería Game Night kicks off a number of events for this semester. Prizes include: $25 Gift Cards, Self Care Kits, Candy Assortments, MAS Merchandise, and mucho mas!

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