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Christian Nationalism and Internationalism: How Religion Shapes (And Has Shaped) U.S. Politics and Foreign Policy

Speakers: Lauren Turek, Ph.D. and Gina Tam, Ph.D.

In the United States, white Evangelical Protestants exercise considerable political power, functioning as a strong and unified bloc on a range of hot button domestic cultural issues. Evangelicals have not limited their activism to the domestic sphere, however. This talk will trace the rise of the Christian right (and Christian nationalism) in U.S. foreign relations, exploring the range of foreign policy concerns that motivated evangelical activism and efforts to align global politics with their particular interpretation of Christianity, including religious liberty and persecution abroad, communism, human trafficking, and more.

Fall 2023 Lecture Series

The Trinity University Food for Thought Series has offered enlightening lectures around a common table for more than 30 years. This semester's in-person lecture series is a wonderful chance to bring together exceptional professors, alumni, staff, and the San Antonio community to hear about topics that enrich, engage, and enlighten.


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