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Fefu and Her Friends

By Maria Irene Fornés

Directed by Dr. Rachel Joseph

April 12-14 & 17-20

Innovative and groundbreaking, Fefu and Her Friends, written by influential Cuban American playwright Maria Irene Fornés, has been praised as "funny and shocking…the dramatic equivalent of a collection of poems… Seven friends gather at Fefu’s house for a kind of reunion… exploring lives and quite specifically the pain, strain, comforts, and fragility of women’s lives… After the initial scene in the living room, we are divided into four groups and visit the kitchen, a bedroom, and a garden in each of which some particular encounter takes place… The actors perform the same thing four times so that we all have a chance to see them… An engaging kind of activity… There are moments of splendor.” —Richard Eder, reviewing the original 1978 production, The New York Times.

Note: This event is part of Trinity University's first annual Humanities Unbound conference, hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities. For questions and contact please call 210-999-7559.