Trinity University - Taylor Theater, San Antonio TX 78212

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Written by Mohammad Al Attar and Directed by Roberto Prestigiacomo. “Could you Please Look Into the Camera?” is based on interviews with young Syrian detained by the Assad regime.  The play explores the relationship between Nura, a filmmaker, and Zayd, Karim, and Farah, three young protesters recollecting their arrest and detention. As a piece of Theatre for Social Change, Could You Please Look Into the Camera? poses some critical questions: What is the relationship between art and ideology? Can theatre stimulate political and social change? How can art provide the tools for action to empower individuals oppressed because of their race, gender, class, religion, ideology, and sexual orientation? How can performance serve to raise our consciousness against violence and war?  With this production at Trinity University, we want to continue building a platform for change around difficult dialogues.

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