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The 2024 Cameron Lecture by Dr. Danielle Allen explores democracy and the humanities in conversation with Dr. Mike Fischer, Janet S. Dicke Professor in Public Humanities. Followed by an audience Q&A.

Danielle Allen is a professor of political philosophy, public policy, and ethics at Harvard University. She is Director of the Allen Lab for Democracy Renovation, Director of the Democratic Knowledge Project, and James Bryant Conant University Professor, one of Harvard’s highest honors. She is also Founder and President of Partners In Democracy. She is a seasoned nonprofit leader, democracy advocate, distinguished author, and mom. Danielle’s work to make the world better for young people has taken her from teaching college and leading a $60 million university division to driving change at the helm of a $6 billion foundation, writing for the Washington Post, advocating for cannabis legalization, democracy reform, and civic education, and most recently, to running for governor of Massachusetts. She made history as the first Black woman ever to run for statewide office in Massachusetts. During the height of COVID in 2020, Danielle’s leadership in rallying coalitions and building solutions resulted in policies adopted in federal legislation and a Biden executive order. At Partners In Democracy, she advocates for democracy renovation to create greater voice and access in our democracy, and drive progress towards a new social contract that serves and includes us all. Her many books include the widely acclaimed Our Declaration: a Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality; Cuz: The Life and Times of Michael A.; Democracy in the Time of Coronavirus; and Justice by Means of Democracy.

Note: This event is part of Trinity University's first annual Humanities Unbound conference, hosted by the School of Arts and Humanities. For questions and contact please call 210-999-7559.