Saturday, February 17, 2024 8pm to 11pm

One Trinity Place, San Antonio, Texas 78212

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By Aeschylus

Translated by Dr. Thomas Jenkins

Directed by Dr. Kyle Gillette

Feb. 16-18, 21-24

In the first tragedy of Aeschylus’ foundational trilogy The Oresteia the king Agamemnon arrives home triumphant after Greek armies conquer Troy, slaughter its citizens and desecrate the city’s temples. The royal Trojan priestess Cassandra, captured and enslaved as Agamemnon’s concubine, is cursed by the god Apollo to see the House of Atreus’ terrible future but to find no one who will believe her prophecy. As she and a chorus of old men helplessly watch the plot unfold, the queen Clytemnestra, seething from her husband’s sacrifice of their daughter, orchestrates her bloody revenge. Featuring a brand new translation by Trinity Classics Professor, Dr. Thomas Jenkins.